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Hive Cross Chain


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Hive Cross Chain Disc Golf Basket

The Hive Practice Basket Cross Chained is for any disc golfer wanting to better their putting game for Disc Golf.  It's 12 chain arrangement links together allowing for maximum catching.  The Hive Basket is easy to setup, break down, and to travel anywhere with you!Disc Golf Shopping

The Hive Practice Basket is a very economical option for disc golfers looking to sharpen their putting skills. It's also a great option for temporary pins at tournaments, tournament prizes, schools, or anyone getting started with disc golf.


The Cross Chain version of the Hive Practice Basket features 12 chains arranged in a single tier, connected together with two cross strands of chain for maximum catching ability. Threaded tension connections and light weight make the Hive Practice Basket easy to set up, break down, and bring to your next disc golf adventure.

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