Innova DewFly Towel

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Elevate your disc golf game with the Innova DewFly Towel – your essential companion for maintaining a clean and dry grip, no matter the weather conditions. Designed by one of the most trusted names in disc golf, this towel is engineered to enhance your performance on the course.

Product Details:

  • Material: Made from premium microfiber, the DewFly Towel offers superior absorption and quick-drying properties. It effortlessly removes dirt and moisture, ensuring your discs and hands stay dry.

  • Size: Generously sized at 16" x 24", providing ample surface area to clean your discs thoroughly without the need for constant rinsing.

  • Durability: The high-quality construction ensures the towel remains durable and effective round after round, withstanding the rigors of frequent use.

  • Convenience: Featuring a built-in carabiner clip, the DewFly Towel easily attaches to your bag or belt, keeping it within reach for quick and easy access during your game.

  • Performance: Specially designed for disc golfers, this towel enhances grip and control, helping you achieve precise throws even in wet or muddy conditions.

Why Choose the Innova DewFly Towel?

  1. Superior Absorption: Microfiber material ensures maximum moisture wicking to keep your discs and hands dry.
  2. Enhanced Grip: Maintain a secure hold on your discs for accurate and powerful throws.
  3. Easy Access: Carabiner clip provides convenient attachment to your bag or belt.
  4. Durability: Built to last, the DewFly Towel withstands the demands of regular disc golf play.
  5. Optimal Size: Large enough to handle multiple discs while remaining compact and portable.

Usage Tips:

  • On Wet Days: Use the DewFly Towel to keep your discs dry between throws, ensuring consistent performance even in the rain.
  • For Muddy Courses: Easily wipe off dirt and debris from your discs to maintain optimal flight paths.
  • Grip Enhancement: Regularly dry your hands and discs to improve grip and control.

Experience the difference a clean and dry disc can make with the Innova DewFly Towel. Keep your game sharp and your throws accurate, no matter the conditions. Add the DewFly Towel to your disc golf gear today and play with confidence!

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