Misprint F2 Mystery Box

Misprint F2 Mystery Box

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We randomly get F2 discs from multiple companies, but our inventory varies greatly and only have 1-2 disc companies at a time in stock normally as these discs are a great value and sell-out fast.  In addition, these type of "clearanced discs" rarely become available from manufacturers unless they screw up or they sell themselves instead in packs.

Plastics vary GREATLY, but we will always try to keep 4 premium and 1 base type with a mixture of putter, mid and drivers in each box.  These boxes are all pre-packaged upon receiving and placed immediately on our website with the amount left to ensure we have them in stock when sold. 

NOTE: Many times we don't receive any putters or Mid Range as Drivers seem to be the most common misprint for all companies.

Are you ready to take a chance with Disc Golf Shopping on a Mystery Box?  We pride ourselves by providing exceptional value to our customers.  We guarantee each Disc Golf Mystery Box we package will be a better value than if purchased separately.

Packages Available

  • Medium - $49.99 - 5 Total discs

What is a F2 disc? F2/misprint can be many different things.  A cosmetic flaw in the plastic, bubbles in the rim, a wrong stamped disc, specs not supposed to be in the disc and many other things.  The manufacturer goes through them and deems them un-sellable as the orginal product it was going to be sold as, but will still fly fine thus selling the disc.  It's a win-win as we can purchase the disc at a discounted price, allowing the consumer to purchase it cheaper without the flight being affected.


    The fun should start right when you run to get the mail and can't wait to open up your box of discs which you have no idea what will be inside.  As previously stated, we will guarantee our Disc Golf Boxes will be cheaper than purchasing items separately.  Disc Golf Shopping has knocked around the idea of these products as it's obvious customers want them, but we have always been worried about the backlash of not liking items inside.  This being said, all boxes are sold as-is with no exchanges.  If you are requesting an exchange, it's not truly a mystery box!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 128 reviews
    Worth the price

    I didnt have any of the disc's I got in my box (was worried about that). I recieved (2) prodigy, (2) lattitude 64 and (1) innova with a mix of all types of disc's.

    John Taylor
    Good misprint series

    Enjoyed the misprints but hard to know what they are.


    Misprint F2 Mystery Box

    Chandler Fountain

    Misprint F2 Mystery Box

    Bill D
    Misprint F2 Mystery Box for an Old School player

    In general, I liked the mystery box. It was pretty cool to get the misprinted, leftover, mutant discs. My only real issue has to with my own lack of knowledge on the discs themselves. I wasn’t sure if this was a bargain/ worth the money for the box. I have come to believe it is. And I appreciate the selections.
    A quick history on myself. I am not new to this sport. I am an OG in Frisbee Golf. I was born and raised in San Diego and would sneak on to many real golf courses to play. This was way before this new alliteration to Disc Golf, using the name ‘Disc Golf,’ and having actual Disc Golf courses come into being.
    So being old school and learning the differences of discs, and even having putter, has been pretty cool.

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