Zone OS Jawbreaker Z FLX (Tour Series 2024 Brodie Smith)

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#33-311 170-172g

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Speed: 4  |  Glide: 2  |  Turn: 1  |  Fade: 5

Introducing the Discraft Zone OS Jawbreaker Z FLX, a premium disc golf putter from the Tour Series 2024 lineup, meticulously crafted and endorsed by professional disc golfer Brodie Smith. Designed for ultimate control and reliability, the Zone OS is the go-to choice for players seeking unparalleled performance and consistency on the course.

Key Features of the Discraft Zone OS Jawbreaker Z FLX (Tour Series 2024 Brodie Smith):

  1. Signature Design: Designed in collaboration with Brodie Smith, the Zone OS showcases a distinctive design that reflects his passion for the sport and his commitment to excellence. Featuring exclusive artwork and signature stamps, this limited edition disc stands out as a collectible masterpiece for disc golf enthusiasts.

  2. Advanced Flight Dynamics: The Zone OS is engineered for maximum stability and control, offering a predictable flight path and minimal turn for precise accuracy on every throw. Its overstable design ensures dependable fades and skips, making it ideal for approaches, flick shots, and windy conditions.

  3. Jawbreaker Z FLX Plastic: Constructed from premium Jawbreaker Z FLX plastic, this disc combines the durability of Z-Line plastic with the flexibility and grip of Jawbreaker plastic. The result is a disc that offers superior performance and reliability in all weather conditions, providing optimal grip and control for consistent throws.

  4. Tour Series Collectible: As part of the Tour Series 2024 collection, the Zone OS Jawbreaker Z FLX is a highly sought-after collectible item, produced in limited quantities for disc golf enthusiasts and collectors. Add this exclusive disc to your collection today and showcase your passion for the sport in style.

Why Choose the Discraft Zone OS Jawbreaker Z FLX (Tour Series 2024 Brodie Smith)?

  • Professional-Grade Performance: Endorsed by professional disc golfer Brodie Smith, the Zone OS is engineered to meet the demands of competitive play, offering unmatched stability and control in any playing condition.
  • Versatile Disc: Whether you're executing precise approaches, accurate flick shots, or navigating challenging wind conditions, the Zone OS delivers versatility and reliability to suit any playing style or course condition. Elevate your game with the ultimate control disc in your bag.
  • Limited Edition Exclusivity: Each Zone OS Jawbreaker Z FLX disc is produced in limited quantities as part of the Tour Series 2024 collection, making it a rare and valuable addition to any disc golfer's collection. Don't miss your chance to own this exclusive disc today.

Why Brodie Smith Throws the Zone OS:

Brodie Smith chooses to throw the Zone OS for its unparalleled stability, control, and reliability on the course. As a professional disc golfer known for his precision and skill, Brodie relies on the Zone OS to deliver consistent performance in a variety of situations. Whether executing accurate approaches, navigating challenging wind conditions, or executing flick shots with confidence, the Zone OS offers the ultimate control and reliability needed to dominate the competition. Join Brodie Smith in elevating your disc golf game with the Discraft Zone OS Jawbreaker Z FLX (Tour Series 2024). Unleash your full potential on the fairways and experience the perfect combination of performance, style, and collectibility with this exclusive disc. Grab yours today and soar to new heights of success on the course.

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