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Delirium Neutron
Delirium Neutron
Delirium Neutron
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Delirium Neutron


The Overstable Disc

The Delirium distance driver is the ultimate wind-fighter. Delirium boasts a speedy and overstable flight with killer style. Axiom Delirium has a wider than average rim that makes it difficult for new players to use. Advanced or intermediate players will get the most out of this driver. The disc’s stability, heavier weight, and dependable flight pattern make the Delirium an excellent choice for driving.

Diameter: 21.1 cm | Height 1.8 cm | Rim Depth: 1.2 cm | Rim Width: 2.5 cm |Max Weight: 175.00 g

Speed: 14.5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -0.5 | Fade: 3 | PDGA Approved

Used primarily as a distance driver, the Axiom Delirium disc is overstable and meant for players with intermediate to advanced skill levels. This disc is difficult to master but easy to depend on for a straight flight pattern. The Delirium exhibits a high-speed initial phase of flight which slides into an aerodynamic turn inward before pulling out of the inward turn for the forward spindown. Overall, the flight is extremely straight and true to the throw. The disc responds well to increased power for that extra bit of distance and is heavy enough to power through wind gusts. Drive with confidence when you throw an Axiom delirium driver!

The Axiom Delirium disc consists of a double mold, premium plastic that features a beadless edge. All Axiom discs share the beadless edge feature on their high-quality plastics. The Axiom plastic that the Delirium is available in is called Neutron. Neutron is the most popular plastic in the Axiom disc line. It provides a high-quality aesthetic and texture while remaining extremely durable. Delirium is a thicker, heavier disc of Neutron plastic that can withstand low to high wind gusts. The Neutron plastic in a Delirium disc is available in a wide variety of high-contrast colors that are extremely dense and opaque. The Neutron plastic is an excellent choice by Axiom for this overstable disc.

The Axiom Delirium has been stated as being comparable to the MVP Dimension for its high-speed flight pattern with minimal turn. The flight of the Delirium disc driver can also be compared to that of the Star Destroyer, only faster. In comparison to its siblings, the Tantrum and Excite, the Delirium is much better suited for anhyzer releases. The high-speed turn permits the Delirium disc to maintain the angle for a majority of the flight, with the Delirium’s stability helping it to flatten out and eventually end.

Overall, the Axiom Delirium is an excellent, overstable driver disc. The wider than average rim on the thick, Neutron plastic allows it to take on wind gusts like they don’t exist. However, the extra-wide rim makes the disc difficult to throw and master for the beginner disc golfer. Disc golfers with intermediate to advanced skills are better suited for this disc. The high-speed initial flight pattern pushes the attainable distance to the max while the stability allows the disc to use less airspace. The Axiom Delirium is dependable, overstable, and an excellent loadout choice for those long drives through tight spaces.