What is an Axiom Envy?

If you’re looking for a versatile golf disc that can deliver smooth and straight performance for power throwers and a stable approach for lesser-skilled throwers, then the Axiom Envy is the right disc for you. This overstable putt and approach disc offers a nice straight high-speed flight with moderate fade even with the hardest throws. This “lid-like” gyro disc features a weighted outer edge that couples standard design with innovative specifications that lead to its celebrated approach and driving putter abilities, gyroscopic prowess, and infallible gliding performance.


Class 10mm Putt / Approach
Weight range 165g - 175g
Diameter 21.1cm
Rim Width 10mm
PDGA Max Weight 174.3g

Advantages of Axiom Envy

Durability: The Axiom envy is engineered to be robust enough to withstand continuous use and survive collisions. The Thermo-Plasticized Urethane used for its outer edges makes it less prone to damage, deformation, and cuts.

Consistency: Designed with most of the disc's mass concentrated on the outer edges and a rounded bottom rim, the Axiom Envy delivers consistent stable flight for a longer period of time. This also contributes to its superior gyroscopic capabilities.

Stability: The Axiom Envy flies straight with minimal turning and gentle flat fade. The gyro effect is still observable even as the fade begins. It lands flat allowing for easier target landing.

Accuracy: With a 40-meter to 70-meter range, you can get a straight shot with minimal slide to reach the basket. These accurate putters provide the least deviation from the tee pad.

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