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Wrath Neutron
Wrath Neutron
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Wrath Neutron


The Straight Shooting Disc

The Wrath is a heavy-duty distance driver in the 18.5mm driver’s class for Axiom. The stable-overstable flight pattern of the Wrath makes it a turn-resistant disc that complements the Axiom Insanity. Straight out of the box, the Axiom Wrath offers a broken-in feel that is comparable to the MVP Tesla. For a disc that shoots extremely straight and offers very little fade, choose the Wrath for your next purchase.

Diameter: 21.1 cm | Height 1.4 cm | Rim Depth: 1.2 cm | Rim Width: 2.0 cm |Max Weight: 175.00 g
Speed: 9 | Glide: 4.5 | Turn: -0.5 | Fade: 2 | PDGA Approved

As a stable-overstable distance driver, the Wrath is a dependable disc for both backhand and forehand throws. Primarily used as a control driver, this disc is perfectly stable for intermediate to advanced skill level golfers. The numbers dictate that the Wrath should fade pretty hard, but if the throw has enough force the disc is one of the straightest shooting drivers Axiom produces. The initial phase of high-speed flight defies the typical turn most discs exhibit and continues its straightforward flight until spindown. At spindown, the Wrath barely fades outwards. Power throwers will be able to manipulate the Wrath to turn on command or shape distance lines by stretching it out. The average thrower will see some resistance to headwinds with slight fading lines. Comfortably rely on the Wrath for a heavy, straight flight with a fading finish.

The Wrath’s flight pattern and maneuverability can be compared to a few discs. The speed of the Wrath is faster than a Felon but slower than other Axiom drivers. The Wrath compares to the MVP Photon and Streamline Trace for flight, but the Wrath exhibits less glide and fade. The Wrath is a go-to disc for tunnel shots or stronger throws into a headwind. The low profile and flat top of the Wrath can be compared to the MVP Tesla, but the Wrath has more style.

The Axiom Wrath disc is only available in Neutron plastic. The Neutron plastic is a double mold, premium plastic that features a beadless edge for improved grip. Easily the most popular plastic, Neutron offers a quality aesthetic and texture while remaining durable. The Axiom Wrath comes in a wide variety of Neutron colors. The pigments are dense, opaque, and are available in a range of high-contrast color options. Although there is a prototype of the Axiom Wrath in their Prism plastic, we are currently only offering the Neutron variation.

The Wrath control driver is reliable and sturdy, much like any Axiom disc. Although this disc does not inherently like to turn or fade, it can be manipulated by advanced throwers to achieve slight turns or fades with the right angle. An excellent replacement for a Destroyer, the Axiom Wrath is skilled at getting you through tight fade windows to access the basket. Although it doesn’t max out your distance are speed down the course, the Wrath will not let you down for those difficult distance hops or quick shots. Add the Axiom Wrath to your loadout today for the best straight-shooting disc in the distance driver line.