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[Product_vendor], [Product_type], Discmania Disc Golf Set 3PC - Disc Golf Shopping

Discmania Disc Golf Set (3 D-Line Discs)


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Discmania Disc Golf Starter Kit

This 3-PC Disc Golf Starter Kit is excellent for beginners or active players broadening their disc collection.  Discmania  made this set specifically to be a perfect gift for any Disc Golf Player no matter the skill level.  

What's Included


Fairway Drivers have a sharp edge, but when compared to Distance Drivers, they have a "wider" look to them. This gives the disc more stability for an easier throwing experience and why beginners are highly recommended for these disc types.  Due to the stability aspect, it also gives Fairway Drivers a straighter flight pattern.  

MID-RANGE – D-line MD2 Fiend

This disc type has an even wider edge comparing them to a Fairway Driver. This prevents them from cutting through the wind easily as compared to Distance Drivers or Fairway Drivers.  The wider edge however gives extra stability and offers a very friendly straight throwing experience.  An average Disc Golfer can utilize a Mid-Range and throw 200-300 feet of straight flight.  Disc manufacturers mold these discs to offer excellent accuracy and control giving them a great gliding experience as well. 

PUTT & APPROACH – D-line P1 Maniac

Using this disc hopefully you hear those chains rattle! This disc is used for the short game as it's got a very wide rim allowing for more maximum stability and very straight flight with exception of some discs intentionally adding fade or turn.  This disc will resemble a beach Frisbee that you play in the water with. (Note this is not the intention and can cause harm considering it's much heavier) It's also used for very short distances when you feel the Mid-Range will soar on you too far.

Discmania's Disc Golf Kit Review

Discmania’s handy disc set for beginners and active players!


Discmania disc set of three discs is a brilliant gift idea for disc golf hobbyist and beginners! Grab a set to help you get right out on the course and start practicing today!


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Customer Reviews

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Great starter kit

Grippy, solid and easy to throw starter discs! Im an intermediate player but love the soft, gripiness of the D-line plastics. The FD feels great with my grip and predictably flies with superb distance. The MD2 flies controllably to any angle I use. The P1 feels just right with its deep rim and straight flight out of my hands.

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