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MD1 S-Line (Wings Stamp)
MD1 S-Line (Wings Stamp)
MD1 S-Line (Wings Stamp)
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MD1 S-Line (Wings Stamp)


The Discmania MD is the ultimate control disc for Mid-Range gameplay. Disc Golf players slowly realized the MD was the new powerhouse in the Disc Golf game for Mid-Ranges as the 0 turn & 0 fade disc provided a straight and reliable shot every-time without losing control when thrown with power. It has a convex lower wing with a slight dome giving the excellent feel in hand by providing the ability for multiple shots.

Speed: 4   |   Glide: 5   |   Turn: 0   |   Fade: 0   |   PDGA Approved

Discmania MD

Let's ensure everyone realizes this is not the MD1, the original Mid-Range disc by Discmania. For unforeseen reasons, they discontinued making the MD1 but brought in the MD, a straighter flying disc. The MD1 had a fade of 2 which provided that end of flight dump.

The Discmania MD does not have the dump at end of the flight as it's got a fade of 0. This allows players of all skill levels to easily throw the disc and know unless the angle of the throw was off, it will go in a straight line. (Wind will affect it also obviously!) The MD is one of the rare occasions Discmania hasn't thrown a number after the disc and it wasn't the first original one. Many think it's because the MD1 should have originally been named the MD.

Plastics Available For The Discmania MD

It feels weird that the MD hasn't been around longer than the MD2, but Discmania didn't find an identity immediately with there Mid-Ranges that they wanted. The order Discmania's Mid Ranges got released were: MD1, MD2, MD, MD3, MD4, and MD5. The Discmania MD currently is being molded in 2 stock plastics and a special edition plastic has been available for quite some time. I'm unsure if they just made a gigantic amount of them or if they just keep making them. Here are the current offerings of plastics:

D Line - $7.99
C Line - $13.99

    What is the difference in Luster plastic? Well, the manufacturer says they are more durable than the C Line and offer a better grip. Disc Golf Shopping likes to transparent and truthful, so honestly, we see very little difference and doubt it can be any more durable than the C Line. The grip does feel better in normal temperatures, but one thing is in the cold weather it seems to turn very stiff. C Line has this trait as well, but it's even more noticeable on the Lusters.


    Diameter: 21.8 cm
    Height: 2.1 cm
    Rim Depth: 1.4 cm
    Rim Width: 1.4 cm

      A common wide diameter Mid Range disc that provides an easy approach shot which is very straightforward as we previously eluded to. The 0 Fade and 0 Turn is immediately noticeable in the flight which is an excellent trait if you are in the woods looking for a tunnel shot.

      Which Plastic Is Best For the Discmania MD

      It's time to choose which plastic you want for your Discmania MD! We always recommend just buying all of them but we're here to educate you on what's best for your game. There are 3 different choices to choose from and we actually like 2 different choices, the Luster C Line and C Line. While the D Line is great, the durability is not there and for a Mid Range, we like a stiff plastic to be able to really crank our shots on without worrying about them flipping.

      In weather under 60 degrees Fahrenheit, we go for the normal stock C Line runs as they tend to have more grip at the colder tempetures. After it starts heating up, the Luster C Line provides so much grip it starts feeling like a different plastic to us. D line is still great discs, but for us, we would only use them for practicing purposes.

      Does any professional Disc Golf player on Discmania bag the MD? Why yes! Discmania currently has 2 major contenders, Simon Lizotte, and Eagle McMahon. Eagle has not opted to have the Discmania MD in his bag, he goes or the MD3 and MD5 instead. Simon Lizotte, however, does bag a C Line MD for "Most neutral flying midrange. Holds any line with great glide.

      We never really talked much about the great glide on this disc, but as a mid-range don't all of them have great glide? That's not completely true, but in general, they are one of the glider disc types. So let's all not get confused as the MD was not the original mid-range but the 3rd Mid-Range made by Discmania.