The Discmania MD3 is a versatile Mid-Range that is perfect for the everyday player. Its reliability on the course provides the comfort all Disc Golf players look for in their game. The easy-grip allows you to provide the Discmania MD3 with a powerful throw without the worry of the flight path going array. The sleek profile along with being able to control this Mid-Range is why it's a fan favorite for everyone.

Speed: 5   |   Glide: 5   |   Turn: 0   |   Fade: 3   |   PDGA Approved

Discmania MD3

The Discmania MD3 is a favorite for a lot of professional disc golfers and players with strong arms. When you throw the disc at a flat release, it will go dead straight for 70-80% of the flight before the fade kicks in and then a nice fade at the end to the left. For throwing it on an anhyzer line, it will hold the line you release it on and move from left to right and towards the end of the flight, it will pan out straight and finish nice and flat on the ground. Throwing it on a slight anhyzer release the Discmania MD3 will have a nice little fade making a nice S-like flight path.

The Discmania MD3 is a great stable to overstable mid-range. For your faster arm speeds, you are going to find the MD3 is a very straight flying disc with a consistent fade at the end. For your slower arm speed, you are going to see a good headwind disc; it’s going to be great for hyzer approaches. For all arm speeds, it’s a great forehand approach disc.

Plastics Available For The Discmania MD3

All the hype around this disc it was no surprise they made a signature disc for Eagle McMahon who uses the disc consistently in his game. The Crowned Eagle is a Glow C-Line plastic that supports Eagle touring for Discmania and also provides you with a great looking disc.

C Line MD3 - $13.99
G Line MD3 - $14.99
S Line MD3 - $14.99
Glow C Line MD3 (Crowned Eagle) - $22.99
Glow Metal Flake C Line MD3 (Iron Samurai) - $22.99


    Diameter: 21.8 cm
    Height: 1.9 cm
    Rim Depth: 1.3 cm
    Rim Width: 1.4 cm

      The rim of the MD3 is very comfortable for a power grip and a normal grip. The top of the flight plate is flat which adds to the stability of the disc. It really helps make the disc a stable/overstable disc as a driver.

      Who bags the Discmania MD3

      As previously stated, Eagle McMahon uses it with his signature disc, the Crowned Eagle. Not only does he have this disc, but in 2018 he carried (4) MD3’s in his bag. In 2019, the MD5 released and he does bag (1), but does not use the MD4 and carries (2) C-Line MD3’s and (2) Crowned Eagles; we said he likes his MD3 right?!

      Simon Lizotte, the other high targeted professional on Discmania has a very mixed bag of Mid-Range discs in 2018. He carries the Cresent Falcon MD4, C-Line MD4, C-Line MD, and a Glow C-Line MD3. While he has an MD3, it’s not always pulled out of his bag and put to use like Eagle does all the time. In 2019 with the release of the MD5, Simon saw the MD3 leave his bag.

      Everyone always wants the newest disc, because there is a ton of hype around it and the MD3 at one point had this hype and did very well. Only the true great discs stay popular for long periods of time. The MD3 is starting to show this excellence with Eagle McMahon still utilizing it and other professionals using it in the there game at top levels.

      We sadly left out beginners and slow arm speed players as it’s not a disc we would recommend them to use. Discmania does say they can find success and it’s great for all players, but truthfully, you can find a better disc out there if you don’t have the arm speed. Intermediate players can easily see this in there bag, so let’s not discourage too much!