The Discraft Drone is one of the most overstable mid range discs you will ever see. This is perfect for any skill-level player and you will realize why there is a fade of 4 on a mid-range. It’s strong fade is perfect for flex shots or trying to curve around a structure. The Drone is the perfect disc for anyone’s bag because it doesn’t fly like any other disc on the market due to the amount of overstability it provides in flight.

Speed: 5   | Glide: 4   | Turn: 0 |   Fade: 4 | PDGA Approved

Discraft Drone


This disc has been on the market for quite some time as it was approved for PDGA use on 2/28/2005.  That’s over 10 years! My goodness how has this overstable mid-range not caught on as one of the go-to discs?  It’s a very overstable disc with a very slight dome to it.


It’s very suprising not to see this disc made in at least D line or X like plastic, but maybe since Discraft has been exceeding expectations in sales after the McBeth signing we will be presented with some great suprises of the Drone being featured more.  To date, 6/11/19 the only plastic type Discraft is utilizing is one and a special run currently:

  • Big Z - $13.99
  • ESP 2019 Tour Series - $18.99


  • Diameter: 21.5 cm
  • Height: 2.0 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.3 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.5 cm


A well known tour player, Nate Doss has been bagging the Drone for some time.  A lot of players switched when the Zone came out, but Nate has stuck with his guns for this mid-range as it has suited him well in the past present and hopefully future.

Multiple other pro’s use the Drone, but like we said the addition of the Zone has caught the eye of everyone since it’s almost the exact same disc, but being a little more domey.  For a beginner/intermediate that’s a great thing, but for experts they have really been pushing more and more towards very overstable discs. By all means don’t take this comment as the Drone is not overstable, it’s just there has been some releases that have been.