Discraft Big Z Drone
Discraft Drone Big Z #1 Green
Discraft Drone Big Z #3 Orange
Discraft Drone Big Z #4 Yellow
Discraft Drone Big Z #5 Blue
Discraft Drone Big Z #6 Orange

Drone Big Z


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Discraft Big Z Drone

The Discraft Big Z Drone is one of the most overstable mid-range discs you will ever see. This is perfect for any skill-level player and you will realize why there is a fade of 4 on a mid-range. Its strong fade is perfect for flex shots or trying to curve around a structure. The Drone is the perfect disc for anyone’s bag because it doesn’t fly like any other disc on the market due to the amount of overstability it provides in flight.

Speed: 5   |   Glide: 4   |   Turn: 0   |   Fade: 4   |   PDGA Approved


    This type of plastic is almost identical to Elite Z, but has some distinctions. Most of the Elite Z and other companies with this type of plastic don’t tend to have artwork on them. Well the Big Z places a large piece of artwork on most of their discs that also come with a pearly type look that showcases the Big Z Drone fabulously. These are still a durable translucent look that has BIG stamps.

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