The Discraft Heat will be recognizable from a massive dome shape on the disc providing insane amounts of glide. This helps beginners tremendously along with strong arm throwers the ability to allow for perfect form. Being a Hybrid Driver or Fairway Driver it fits in anyone's hand with ease being a slightly smaller rim than normal. For beginners you can see the Heat fly straight flying discs. For Experts, it’s perfect for turnover rollovers. It’s a perfect disc to throw consistent anhyzer lines.

Speed: 9   | Glide: 6   | Turn: -3 |   Fade: 1 | PDGA Approved

Discraft Heat


We cannot say it enough, if you like domey discs, the Heat is 100% for you and don’t even think about looking anywhere else.  The large dome makes the disc very beginner friendly as it helps stabilize the disc and provide massive glide. Why doesn’t every disc just have a massive dome then?  Well with any action there will be a re-action. Just like this, when you put a dome on a disc, it will slow it down, so the ability to get a massive throw is just not possible. Were ok with this, because it’s a Fairway Driver, not a Distance Driver!  The control you obtain by the dome fully surbasses the distnace you might get from a non-domey disc.


A Fairway Driver normally works well in many plastic types so Discraft knows this and you guessed it, provides almost every plastic imaginable for the Heat.  It doesn’t hurt that the disc is widely purchased on the market, but we might never see this disc become a signature or special disc since it’s more for beginners opposed to experienced players.  Here are the current offerings for the Discraft Heat:

  • Pro D - $7.99
  • Elite X - $10.99
  • Elite Z - $13.99
  • Big Z - $13.99
  • Z FLX - $13.99
  • ESP - $14.99
  • Titanium - $14.99
  • Z FLy Dye - $16.99


  • Height: 2.1 cm
  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.9 cm


As we previously touched on, this disc is not equipped for expert disc golfers, however we did find a professional Disc Golfer on the Core Team of Discraft who puts the Discraft Heat in his bag, specifically the Z FLX Heat.  

From Grant Brittian who resides from Pinellas Park, FL PDGA #61851:  “I like this disc for my straight to turnover fairway drivers. I like the Z Flex plastic, I find it to be a slight bit more stable. I use this for tight shots that I need more distance than a Buzzz on. I carry two. .”

As you can see with his response, the disc is actually a little too stable for his liking, but for a person who doesn’t have the arm strength like many professionals do, it flies like an overstable disc they throw!