Innova Ape

Innova has brought another very fast 13 Speed Distance Driver.  There are currently to date (12/31/18) 7 additional 13-speed drivers: Shryke, Vulcan, Katana, Groove, Dominator, Daedalus, and Boss.  The Ape comes in 4 different plastic types:

  • DX
  • Champion
  • Blizzard Champion
  • Star

The most notable Disc on the 13-speed driver list is the Boss, but Katana nd Shryke has been getting some much-needed love lately along with the Ape.  Being a very high-speed driver, power throwers are the ones mainly using this beast-like disc.  There is only 1 disc that's faster than the Ape which is the Colossus at a whopping 14 speed on Innova's charts.

The Ape is a fast and stable distance driver which is excellent for sharp doglegs due to the substantial fade.  In any plastic-type, the Ape has been proven to have become a reliable Distance Driver that can uphold the strongest arms known to man!  It's a must for any power thrower as it has less speed than the Boss, but have the capability of withstanding extreme amounts of torque. NOTE: This disc is not recommended for beginners or players who throw less than 300 ft. 

Best Choice for Headwind drives, Distance hyzers, Power sidearm

Beginners Throwing The Innova Ape

Lower arm speed throwers, we have cautioned you, this disc is probably not for you!  Since it's very overstable and flies straight at the start for experts, unfortunately, it tapers off almost immediately when thrown lightly and will go into its fade of 4 ratings immediately.  You won't be happy if you purchase this disc; stick with those fairway drivers or low-speed Distance Drivers!

Steve Brinster - "The Ape has both distance and predictability even in the strongest winds."

If the Ape still found it's way into your bag, use it wisely.  Utilize it as a roller.  I have taken out the disc multiple times as a "mid-range" shot by getting around trees and wanted my disc to taper hardback.  It becomes a utility disc for lighter throwing arms for this reason.  We recommend buying the Ape in DX or Blizzard Champion plastic for beginners.

If your searching for additional glide in your disc with the same speed, you can try out the Shryke, Groove, and Daedalus.  The Groove has been an internet sensation of being one of the worst Innova discs made.  I think all the publicity made a spike in sales which resulted in more popularity?!  Anyone who has held or thrown the disc knows exactly why it's called a Groove.  

Advanced Disc Golfers Throwing The Ape

For a strong arm thrower, you will get an excellent straight shot with a hard fade at the end of the flight.  It has less high speed turn compared to the popular disc, Innova Boss.  This gives the Ape a straighter trajectory while in flight for fast throwing Disc Golf players.

Christian Dietrich - "The Ape is an overstable beast! Extremely fast. Great for max power forehand and headwind shots."

As Steve was quoted earler, it's the perfect disc for when it's windy.  What else can you ask for, a straight flying, wind crushing, stable Distance Driver!   We recommend buying the Ape in Champion or Star plastic for advanced Disc Golf throwers.

Searching for move Turn in your 13 speed Distance Driver that the Innova Ape is not providing you?  All 7 of these discs will provide you with just that: Shryke, Vulcan, Katana, Groove, Dominator, Daedalus and Boss.  There are no 13-speed drivers with more than 0 fade.  It's pretty hard to find a disc with that little amount of fade at high Distance Driver speeds.  Many don't believe it's a 0 and will classify it at least at -1, but Innova put's it at 0.  This is a fairly new disc for Innova, but the Shryke has been growing in popularity which is why I find they haven't' been surfacing additional plastics for this once very popular 13-speed disk.

Innova Ape Specifications

Speed: 13   |   Glide: 5   |   Fade: 0   |   Turn: 4   |   PDGA Approved

  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Height: 1.5 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.4 cm


Choosing the right disc is essential in having a great time outdoors playing Disc Golf on your local course or in a tournament.  Utilize the flight rating manufacturers and vendors provide to make more conscious decisions when purchasing your discs.  There is an overwhelming amount of different choices manufacturers have provided and for good reason.  Most backpacks can only handle 20 different discs, if you're a strong thrower, we recommend you utilize one of those spaces for the Innova Ape no matter being a beginner or an advanced player.

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