Parking your disc next to the Disc Golf Basket is exactly how the perfect Innova Midrange discs fly.  From the trustworthly ROC's to new age Mako3's Mid-Range Discs will provide the comfort you require to get ready to sink a putt..  Innova Mid-Range Discs come in a plethora of plastic choices with four main types, DX, Pro, R-Pro, Champion & Star. 

Innova DX Mid-Range Discs will serve their purpose, however too many hits on the trees might just damage your disc rendering it without the same flight path as intended.  This being said, just like hockey skates, some prefer beat up DX discs as the change in flight is exactly what they are looking for.  

Innova Pro Mid-Range Discs offer a grip which DX does not have allowing for some strong throwing capabilities.  The downside is unfortunately does not have superior durability.    

Innova R-Pro Mid-Range Discs are very similar and almost identical to Pro plastic.  Ok so what's the difference then?!  Well we always consider Pro plastic gummy or "sticky" and R-Pro's go to the next level of stickyness.  More commonly seen in Putt & Approach discs, some find it to have better grip and they feel lucky and need the stick for when they hit the chains from long distance.

Innova Champion Mid-Range Discs will have no fear, hit the trees and shed no tear!  Slighly less grip, but amazing durability along with a smooth feel and transparent plastic allows many to consider this plastic a must.  It also tends to not be as flexible of a disc.  

Innova Star Mid-Range Discs have the grip, have the durability and have the flexibility allowing them to be the premium plastic choice for Innova and many in the Disc Golf Community.

There are flight ratings on the disc which tells you the Speed, Glide, Turn and Fade each individual model.  For Mid-Range Discs the Speed is which puts them into this category.  The range of speed to be categorized starts with 4 such as the new Rat and all the way up to a speed of 5.5 which only has one disc in this classification, the Caiman.  Due note, faster speed does not mean farther distance, especially for an individual with minimal throwing power.  Every single one of these discs were molded specifically to provide maximum distance for a Disc Golf player. Remember, lighter discs such as StarLite & Blizzard Champion plastics will provide beginners an easier and more rewarding experience.  I link it to bowling, we all know the heavier ball is better, but if you can't throw it, what's the use!

The Innova Mid-Range Discs will generally be a larger diameter disc, however this is not always the case.  The height on the disc will be higher than a Fairway & Distance driver as it's purposely trying to be a slower non-aero dynamic disc.  This allows the thrower an easier time throwing with precise accuracy.  Find your Innova Mid-Range Disc that suits you best!