High-speed glide and turn make the Beast a complete package for distance!  It's a suitable disc for beginners and pros to throw due to it's wider rim compared to other distance drivers on the market. Extra distance with less power made it an immediate favorite for Disc Golfers.  Barry Schultz, the two-time World Champion endorsed the Champion Beast and hasn't turned back since.

Best Choice for: Turnover distance driver, Tailwind driver, Novice players looking for more distance 

Speed: 10   |   Glide: 5   |   Turn: -2   |   Fade: 2   |   PDGA Approved

Here is what Innova has to say about the disc:

Barry Schultz - "I usually carry 2-3 Beasts depending on the course and weather. I tend to use a durable Champion Beast in the woods, and a DX Beast when it is cold/wet or at an open course."


  • Diameter: 21.2 cm
  • Height: 1.4 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.1 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.0 cm

Either the name on the disc or the sheer great throws players have with it has made it become a disk everyone seems to want and buy.  With a plethora of options plastic wise, Innova didn't hesitate to endorse, produce and provide the Beast in multiple options.   While newer drivers keep a very aerodynamic style for maximum distance, they are hard and quite scary to throw without botching it completely.  This disc, you still are in complete control of your toss down the fairway providing the sense of relief you don't need to search the forest for hours.

Eric Friedman who is apart of Team Innova has placed it in his bag and even goes as far as stating it's become his favorite disc.  Utilizing it for the range for 280-400 ft, almost max distance, the ability to bring about gigantic S turn shots is perfect when navigating around large obstacles in the field.  Knowing you have a shot that will provide great glide, dodge anything in its path while being accurate is a go-to driver in anyone's book.

The Innova Beast has been recently compared to a slower Katana and we can attest to this.  While the Katana provides slightly more distance, it doesn't have as nice of S-like throws and beginners will surely have trouble controlling the disc compared to the Beast.  While both are great for different types of players, it's always good to understand your strengths and obtain the disc best suited for your self needs.  

We just compared it to a very close, but faster disc; how about a slower disc?  A very popular model Valkyrie is another comparable disc that has advantages and disadvantages attached to it.  The Beast will fly farther, but the Valk surprisingly will be even more beginner-friendly.  Its lack of distance gives more control and many consider it a fairway driver opposed to a distance driver.  The distance lost is substantial and lack of control is barely given up.  A great trade-off, but again every player will benefit differently due to their skills and power.  

Innova has provided flight paths for the Innova Beast with the dotted lines being a less powerful thrower and the solid line being stronger.  An Orc is more of a stable disc while it won't provide as much turn, but has a much stronger fade at the end of the flight.  In contrast, going with a very strongly beginner disc such as the Monarch, it will have an even heavier turn with little fade and almost ending it's flight straight.  Comparing these two-discs with the Beast is perfect in showing where Innova was plugging these quintessential gaps in disc golfer's shot selections.

Innova Beast Flight Chart