Innova Katana

Innova has brought another very fast 13 Speed Distance Driver to sharpen your game.  The Katana comes in 8 different plastic types:

  • DX
  • Pro
  • Champion
  • Metal Flake Champion
  • Blizzard Champion
  • Echo Star
  • Star
  • GStar

The best downwind driver you will ever throw!  The Innova Katana was built for the finesse throwers that have the ability to have smooth releases.  If your looking for the same flight pattern as the sidewinder, this is your disc and it will provide farther distance!  NOTE: Champion plastics flight characteristics for Katana are as follows [13|5|-2|3]

Best Choice for: Fast, long, easy distance off the tee, Huge turnover shots, Tailwind driver

Throwing The Innova Katana

This disc is a great S-Line shot or if you get it to hyzer flip, you will see massive distance.  Many people say you need to throw it slightly higher than other discs so the Katana can perform well due to the turn of -3.  If there is a tailwind, it will allow for easier distance and since it has a 5 glide, I think of it more as a 6.  Another way multiple people throw the Katana is a turnover shot turning it into a roller.

The Katana is built with the finesse thrower in mind. Recommended downwind driver. 

Innova Katana Specifications

Speed: 13   |   Glide: 5   |   Turn: -3   |   Fade: 3   |   PDGA Approved

  • Diameter: 21.2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Height: 1.8 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.5 cm


Choosing the right disc is essential in having a great time outdoors playing Disc Golf on your local course or in a tournament.  Utilize the flight rating manufacturers and vendors provide to make more conscious decisions when purchasing your discs.  There is an overwhelming amount of different choices manufacturers have provided and for good reason.  Most backpacks can only handle 20 different discs, if you're a strong thrower, we recommend you utilize one of those spaces for the Innova Ape no matter being a beginner or an advanced player.