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Review Of The Innova Mako3

Innova has brought a 5 speed, high gliding, straight Mid Range disc.  There are a whopping 15 other Innova Mid-Range discs with the same speed: Wombat3, RocX3, Manta, VCobra, Wombat, Kite, Panther, Skeeter, Foxbat, Atlas, Spider, Cro, Gator, Shark3 and Roc3.  The Mako3 comes in 3 different plastic types:

  • Champion
  • Star
  • GStar

I am astounded they have not started to produce this disk in more plastic types such as DX, Pro and Echo Star to name a few.  Maybe it's a matter of time, but I do know there are a few small runs they did in random plastics, but nothing at a sustainable stock level for retailers to sell them. They tend to keep the new Mid-Range discs Champion and Star plastic only and only start wandering into the other plastics when the discs get very popular.  I believe the Mako3 will push the scale sooner than later for the production of other plastics.  

The Mako3 is one of the most well known Mid-Range discs in the Innova arsenal with the exception of the Roc. Professional PDGA member, Paul McBeth & David Wiggins Jr. carries this excellent Mid-Range straight as an arrow disc in their bags. 

Best Choice for: Dead straight shots, Smooth hyzer shots, One disc rounds

Throwing The Innova Mako3

This disc is the straightest flight I've seen fly before.  It's great for a beginner since it is a very forgiving disc when thrown.  Its straight nature will allow anyone to look like a professional while throwing it.  

David Wiggins Jr - "The Mako3 is an excellent choice for laser straight shots that require control and accuracy. It has lots of glide and is easy to throw, making it a great choice for threading lines down tightly wooded fairways."

One of the best discs for a player playing Disc Golf for the first time when only wanting to purchase one disc!   It can be used for putting, Mid-Range and Distance Drives.  This was the first disc I ever purchased for Mid-Range and I wasn't disappointed!!!  We recommend the Mako3 in GStar and Star plastic for beginners and Champion plastic for advanced Disc Golf players.

If you're looking for a slightly faster speed disc, you will be moving into the Fairway Driver category.  The discs in the 6 speed are as follows: Leopard, Cheetah, Gazelle, Whippet, and Viper.  The most notable one on the list is the Leopard as many beginners are prone to have great flights with it.  If you're looking for more glide than the Mako3 you can try the Wombat3, Wombat, Kite or Foxbat.  The Wombat3 is slightly bigger in diameter but is the closest Mid-Range disc I can see parallels to the Innova Mako3. 

People might not help but wonder why we haven't talked about the original, Mako.  It has been out of production about a year after this disc was starting to get produced.  Many wish it was still being produced, including myself as it was my first Mid-Range that was from a non-Disc Set.  I can still remember the day I got the disc and threw it for the first time.  I just knew right then and there, that was going to be my go-to disc!

When throwing if you're looking for more turn in your disc you can checkout the Wombat3, Manta, VCobra, Wombat, Kite, Panther, Skeeter or Foxbat.  These discs will make your flight of the disc start going to the right (or left if you're left-handed) while the disc still has some forward momentum.  Looking for when the disc tapers off to be harder?  That's fade and since the Mako3 is a very straight disc flyer which is not normally the case, there s an abundance of discs at the same speed that has more fade!  They are as follows:  RocX3, Manta, VCobra, Kite, Panther, Skeeter, Atlas, Spider, Cro, Gator, Shark3, and Roc3.  

Instead of Innova making even more disc names, they are starting to re-tool the originals if you haven't noticed with the Wombat3, Roc3, Shark3 and now the Mako3!  I'm not sure if I drove the point across on how this disc flies, but if I haven't, it flies straight!  

Innova Mako3 Specifications

Speed: 5   |   Glide: 5   |   Fade: 0   |   Turn: 0   |   PDGA Approved

  • Diameter: 21.7 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.4 cm
  • Height: 2.1 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.2 cm


Choosing the right disc is essential in having a great time outdoors playing Disc Golf on your local course or in a tournament.  Utilize the flight rating manufacturers and vendors provide to make more conscious decisions when purchasing your discs.  There is an overwhelming amount of different choices manufacturers have provided and for good reason.  Most backpacks can only handle 20 different discs, if you're a strong thrower, we recommend you utilize one of those spaces for the Innova Mako3 no matter being a beginner or an advanced player.