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Innova Teebird Fairway Driver Banner

Innova has presented one of the most iconic and popular discs, a 7 Speed Fairway Driver, the TeeBird.  The manufacturer also has 4 other discs in the 7-speed category: Leopard3, TL, Eagle, and Banshee.  As for the Teebird, It comes in 9 different plastic types:

  • DX
  • DX Glow
  • Metal Flake Champion
  • Champion
  • Star
  • Star Lite
  • GStar
  • I-Dye Champion

Talk about love right?  The Innova TeeBird is the most popular Fairway Driver on the market and for good reason.  Its straight flight along with smooth gliding capabilities gives this disc pin-point accuracy down the Disc Golf course.  The Teebird excels upwind and downwind allowing the versatile disc to never leave your bag.  Ken Climo, 12-time world champion perfers this Fairway Driver along with the 2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins.  Innova has molded discs close to this one, but just like in the movies, you can never beat the Original! 

Best Choice for: Accurate fairway drives, Utility driver, Flex shots

Throwing The Innova Teebird

The Innova Teebird is one of my favorite discs in my bag and I'd say the main reason is that it's consistent.  That's the whole point of a fairway driver is that you're throwing something under control.  It has such a smooth, straight flight when I put about 80% power on it. The disc really glides through the air and then it has a really clean, smooth late finish to the left.  

The TeeBird is one of our most accurate and reliable fairway drivers. It has a combination of straight flight, high glide and good speed that make it accurate and long flying both upwind and downwind.

Whichever angle I want to put, whether it be an anhyzer, I can really drag out that stability and let it just have a nice slow fade to the right.  Or if I want a really straight shot and I just come right across the nose of the disc and just hold that nice straight line.  Or let's say I want a long, slow fading hyzer.  A nice sharp angle is given on the disc and it holds that line wherever I want it to go. I like the Teebird because it feels right, and looks right, and it flies right.

If you're looking for slightly more speed and still want to stay in that "control driver" category, Innova has 4 other discs at the 8 speed currently; Archangel, Dragon, TL3, and Teebird3.  I know right?  Another Teebird, but actually there are 2 on that list, the TL3 is also a derivative of the iconic Teebird!  The Dragon is also a well-known disc for them Innova advertise this disc as "it floats in the water".  While most of the Blizzard plastic floats in water, they don't advertise it as such.  Blizzard plastic is used for lighter weights to throw easier.  I always think of it as bowling.  You really want to throw that 16-pound ball, but if you can't get it down the alley to hit the pins...what's the use.  The same is for a disc, heavier is better, but if you can't throw hard enough to get the weight out of the disc, what's the use?

When you're throwing the disc and want it to fly to the right (or the left if you're left-handed) you want more turn.  Innova has 2 discs that will fit this for you if you're looking for a slight change from the Teebird; they are the Leopard3 and Eagle.  What about the end of the flight, looking for it to taper off harder?  You can check out the Eagle or Banshee to provide you with the more s-like flight paths. 

Max Nicols has been quoted saying:

"In my opinion the Champion Teebird is the best disc ever made.  It is the most accurate driver and can be thrown on any line."

I can't disagree with his statements at all as they are so true.  Wrapping up the Teebird, it's accurate however you throw it and this is why Innova makes it in every plastic possible along with trying to re-tool it consistently with there new molds.  Paul McBeth, a former Innova player used the Teebird consistently to win multiple tournaments and was his go-to disc.  Many wonders if he will still throw it even though he's now apart of Team Discraft.

Innova Teebird Specifications

Speed: 7   |   Glide: 5   |   Turn: 0   |   Fade: 2   |   PDGA Approved

  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Height: 1.6 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.8 cm


Choosing the right disc is essential in having a great time outdoors playing Disc Golf on your local course or in a tournament.  Utilize the flight rating manufacturers and vendors provide to make more conscious decisions when purchasing your discs.  There is an overwhelming amount of different choices manufacturers have provided and for good reason.  Most backpacks can only handle 20 different discs, if you're a strong thrower, we recommend you utilize one of those spaces for the Innova Teebird no matter being a beginner or an advanced player.