About Us

What is Disc Golf Shopping all about? We're a company that sells baskets, bags and obviously discs. My story (Ken Krempetz), the owner/creator of the business is one that touches my heart and drives our mission. What is our mission? To broaden the awareness of Disc Golf.

I'm not a 1,000+ rated player or even close, but I have passion and love for the game. It all started in 2010 when a Disc Golf Course opened walking distance away from my parents house. Our family had no idea what it was and went online to purchase discs and play.

My dad and I use to be very close going on trips with my Grandpa. We flew model airplanes and my father has multiple national records for AMA Gliders. It was a blast traveling the country competing with the 3 of us. Sadly, a few years back from 2010 my grandpa passed away. It was impossible for me to go on trips with my father as I couldn't hold it together and my relationship started to fade away with my dad.

Fast forward back to 2010, we went out playing disc golf and got hooked immediately. Almost every day we go throw together and bond like we use to back in the day. This story is why I wanted to start the business; to bring people and family together. It brought me and my father back to the glory days we once were at.

I have a full-time day job, but have the ability to work from home. In addition, we have (2) part-time employees, the help of my wife along with my mother, father, sister and brother in-law for busy days such as new disc releases. The dream of quitting and doing this 24/7 full-time is soon approaching as the business has been exponentially growing.

Our company's mission and my passion to find NEW, not existing disc golfers. We have already put in place a few Facebook ads targetting larger audiences such as people liking baseball, wrestling and football. These are broad advertisements providing us with negative profit, but it's putting the sport out to the massses. We see this as growing the sport. A national advertisement on ESPN is currently our goal we're hope to achieve.

We have started sponsoring tournaments, one specifically is Ledgestone 2020. In addition, were actively adding more into the mix, but our main goal is not to target existing players, but new ones. I hope and assume there are others out there where Disc Golf provides a bond, friendship or tightens a relationship like it did for me.