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Innova DX Aviar

Innova DX Aviar is a Putt & Approach Disc Golf Disc that has stood out as the #1 putter for World Championships.  It's Innova's most popular disc model due to its versatility and dependability in all conditions.  This beadless model provides excellent grip while being a straight flier with a predictable finish on every throw.

Best Choice for: Go to putter, Short to medium drives, Accurate approaches.

Speed: 2   |   Glide: 3   |   Turn: 0   |   Fade: 1   |   PDGA Approved

Take your putting game to the next level with the Innova DX Aviar. Engineered for precision and consistency, this disc golf putter is trusted by players around the world to deliver reliable performance on the course. Let's explore why the DX Aviar is a must-have addition to your disc golf bag.

Key Features of the Innova DX Aviar:

1. Durable DX Plastic Construction: The DX Aviar is crafted with durable DX plastic, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Built to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay, this disc golf putter retains its flight characteristics round after round.

2. Versatile Putting Disc: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the DX Aviar is designed to meet the needs of players at every skill level. Its versatile design allows for consistent putting strokes and reliable accuracy, making it the go-to choice for players seeking precision on the green.

3. Reliable Flight Path: Experience consistent flight paths and predictable finishes with the DX Aviar. Its stable flight characteristics ensure reliable performance in various wind conditions, giving you the confidence to make precise putts every time.

4. Comfortable Grip and Feel: The DX Aviar features a comfortable grip and feel, allowing for smooth releases and confident putting strokes. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in hand, reducing fatigue during extended rounds and ensuring optimal control on the putting green.

5. Trusted by Disc Golfers Worldwide: Join the ranks of disc golfers worldwide who trust the DX Aviar to improve their putting game. With its proven track record and dependable performance, this disc golf putter has earned its reputation as a staple in every player's bag.

Why Choose the Innova DX Aviar?

  • Consistent Performance: Experience reliable flight paths and predictable finishes with the DX Aviar's stable design.
  • Versatility: Suitable for players of all skill levels, the DX Aviar adapts to various putting styles and techniques with ease.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last with durable DX plastic, ensuring long-lasting performance round after round.
  • Trusted Performance: Join the countless disc golfers who rely on the DX Aviar to elevate their putting game and sink more putts with confidence.

Conclusion: Don't leave your putting game to chance. Invest in the reliable performance of the Innova DX Aviar and take your putting skills to new heights. Order now and experience the difference on the disc golf course!

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