Aviar Pro Galactic (40 Year Anniversary)

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#4-3025 175g

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Celebrate a legacy of precision and performance with the 40th Anniversary Galactic Pro Aviar from Discraft. This special edition disc is a tribute to four decades of disc golf excellence, featuring a stunning galactic design that's as unique as it is functional. Whether you're a collector or a player seeking top-notch performance, this disc is a must-have.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Galactic Design: Each 40th Anniversary Galactic Pro Aviar features a one-of-a-kind galactic pattern, making every disc unique. The vibrant swirls and colors represent the vastness of disc golf's evolving universe.
  • Premium Performance: Crafted from Discraft's high-quality Pro plastic, this Aviar offers durability and consistent performance. It retains its flight characteristics for the long haul, making it suitable for both competitive and recreational play.
  • Reliable Flight Path: Known for its dependable flight, the Aviar is a go-to putter that delivers pinpoint accuracy. Its balanced flight characteristics make it excellent for both putting and approach shots, ensuring stability and confidence on the green.
  • Commemorative Edition: As a part of Discraft's 40th Anniversary lineup, this disc carries a special significance. It's not just a tool for the game but a piece of disc golf history, celebrating four decades of passion and innovation in the sport.

The 40th Anniversary Galactic Pro Aviar isn't just a disc—it's a celebration of disc golf's rich history and a testament to its bright future. Add this remarkable piece to your collection, or let it elevate your game on the course. Available exclusively at Discgolfshopping.com, where history and performance fly together.

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