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Innova KC Pro ROC

The Innova KC Pro ROC has improved grip and has improved durability and retains flight characteristics for an extended period of time. The KC Pro ROC provides quality performance with exceptional glide and increased grip to the disc thrower.

Brian Giggey - "The KC Pro Roc is my go to disc. I have the most confidence with it, and tend to use it in high pressure situations more often than not. It has a predictable flight that I can rely on for both finesse approach shots as well as tight drives off the tee. I'd suggest Roc to any player looking for a reliable disc that can be utilized in almost any scenario."

The KC Pro ROC is the number one Mid-Range Disc for Innova.  It's reliability at high speeds is what Professionals love about the ROC.  This disc slowly ages and starts getting more turn as it wears.  It's excellent for headwinds or accuracy throws and is capable of holding the angle at which thrown consistently.  If you're unsure which Mid-Range disc to choose from, it's not a bad thing to piggy-back the professionals and throw what they throw all the time.

Best Choice for: Experienced players utility disc, Hyzer shots, Anhyzer flex shots

Speed 4  |  Glide 4  |  Turn 0  |  Fade 3   |   Date of Approval: 01/01/87

Innova's Review of the KC Pro ROC

The Roc is simply the best, most versatile mid-range disc ever made. It provides accuracy at any range. This disc can take and hold the angle of release, even into a headwind. It can be used for driving, upshots, straight shots, hyzer shots or anhyzers. The Roc ages gradually and predictably. If you’re not sure what disc to throw, choose the Roc; just like most pros.


The number one professional mid-range disc. It is very reliable at the high speeds that pros throw. It ages slowly, becoming an excellent slow turning disc as it wears.


  • Diameter: 21.7 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.3 cm
  • Height: 2.0 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.2 cm

KC Pro Plastic

  • Provides an improved grip over our Champion line plastic
  • More durable and retains flight characteristics longer than our DX line
  • More economic than our Champion or Star line Plastic
  • Increased glide
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Innova KC Pro Roc Flight Chart


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