Paul McBeth Discs

Be sure to take advantage of the bundle 5-pack package for $80.00 instead of paying for each disc at $20 each!  Due to very high popularity, we are only offering a small amount of packs available for pre-order until we get the actual shipment and see how many Discraft was kind enough for us to purchase.

An extremely successful 2019 for Paul McBeth with Discraft and the manufacturer could not be more excited about him winning his 5th world title!  The 5x world champion obviously needs new discs as the 4x for only a year are out of style and the new 5x is where they are at!  They added an additional disc this time so there are five discs in his signature series:

1. ESP Buzzz 5x

This disc will never be replaced as it's the staple for Discraft and it feels amazing in the hand along with the perfect large wall hanging disc.  No matter if your an amateur or a professional, the Buzzz flies excellent for anyone who picks it up.  Years upon years this reliable disc has been provided to players to achieve greatness and Paul is just another one of the greatest of all times to throw it.

2. Elite Z Force 5x

Do you have a strong arm?  If your looking to find an overstable distance driver, there is no better option than the Force.  This disc has taken off with the release of Star Wars discs being on it and people realizing how amazing the disc actually is.  With the additional influx of people throwing the Force, it's become the go-to driver off the tee for many players.

3. Titanium Undertaker 5x

We just ased if you have a strong arm, but what about the weaker ones?  The Undertaker fits the bill for off the tee drives for someone not having the most powerful throws.  This fairway driver is a great utility disc for Paul where he still uses it as a driver, but for more finesse shots.  It's ability to be shaped on the throw is an asset he cannot give up.

4. Elite Z Zone 5x

An overstable putter for reliable upshots is exactly what McBeth grabs for if he's not throwing his Luna. The Zone and Luna are completely different upshot discs and both get a massive amount of time on the disc golf course when Paul plays.  Many times, instead of going for a distance driver, he brings out this overstable putter, especially in windy conditions.

5. ESP Avenger SS 5x

The newest addition to the Paul McBeth Signature Series family!  It was not apart of the 4x, but they couldn't resist themselves in adding an additional disc.  The understable flight provides another shaping type distance driver that is suited for finesse throws or beginners looking to gain some additional distance and throw some bomb S-Style throws.

Paul McBeth has become an iconic figure in Disc Golf especially with his strong move going from Innova to Discraft.  He was born on July 9th, 1990 in Huntington Beach, CA with a spouse, Hannah McBeth who he married in December 2018.  Paul turned professional in 2008 and has many accomplishments throughout his career.  He currently has 111 professional wins (as of 3/9/19)

Why did Paul McBeth switch to Discraft?  Well nobody truly knows except for Paul himself and maybe Innova and Discraft.  What people believe happened was he wanted to start his own brand and Innova did not want anything of it.  Discraft being the #2 Disc Golf manufacturer with Latitude 64 (Trilogy) being on their heels had no issues bringing him in and bring his ideas to light.