Paul McBeth Disc Releases

It all started in December 2018 where it was rumored Paul was trying to make his own lineup of discs, but Innova wanted no part of this.  At this same time his contract was required to be re-signed and we know now he looked elsewhere and landed himself with Discraft.  Both Paul and Discraft I doubt have any second thoughts on their new friendship they have put together.  Paul put together a bag relatively quickly and started rattling off wins playing in no time.  The new company wanted to expand and allow him to start his own line of discs and oh have they been successful and fly great!  Here is the current list of discs that have been released since his signing:

1. Discraft Luna

The first release didn't come by itself.  Discraft had massive plans and made First Run's of four new stamps being his signature series discs.  They were the ESP Buzzz, Elite Z Zone, Elite Z Force, and Titanium Undertaker.  Paul McBeth's first disc was the Luna made out of a special blend they still have yet to name.  Many think of it as ESP blended with Jawbreaker plastic.  It surely looks like Jawbreaker, but the feel is unlike any other plastic Discraft makes.  The disc was a putter and people in the disc golf community came to love it immediately. 

2. Discraft Kong

Taking longer than expected, approx 3 months later, a Distance Driver was released for Disc Golfers.  This was expected to be a very close replica of the Innova Destroyer, and in our is.  At the same time of this release, Discraft once again didn't do a single promotion.  They released the First Run Luna at this moment in time bringing a slightly different feel to the disc.  While many always love the original, the disc seemed to get a little softer compared to the prototype.  That being said, the main attraction was the new distance driver which the man himself was using in competition and tearing through competition.    

3. Discraft Anax

Our current favorite disc seemed to not get as much love from everyone.  It might be the name as it's pronounced Onyx and the company made sure everyone realized how to say it correctly.  When you have to educate the public on the spelling of a disc it might not have been the right move to do.  This disc is a fairway driver that appeals to many players as a beginner player can use it as a distance driver giving a new sense of power.  While this was released, we had a re-naming of the Kong to Discraft Zeus (First Run).  Nothing was changed on the disc that anyone can find.  The reason for the name change has never been said, but Discraft states it was a prototype and the name didn't fit as perfectly as they wished.  The real reason we believe is the pet toy Kong had issues with the name.  At this same time, the normal stock disc of the Luna was released.

4. Discraft Malta

Finally, a mid-range was released on the Paul McBeth lineup.  Mimicking a zone/wasp the disc is understable and matched his game perfectly.  After annihilating the competition all year round he was now set to use his whole collection to compete at the highest level across the US.  Once again, they released more than just this disc, the Anax ESP (First Run) and Zeus stock stamp was being offered to the public.  Unsure if there will be any new discs in the future, it's safe to say there won't be for 2018.  A huge success for Paul McBeth and Discraft.  

Paul McBeth Special Stamps

There may be a lot more than we are unaware of, but there are a few that hit the mainstream's attention.  The first one was Big Z Luna;  This disc made as a charity event for the St. Jude's hospital and nearly every vendor at the event were selling this disc.  Second, Paul broke the PDGA record for the highest-rated player at 1057.  It's been said they only made 1057 of these tour series ESP discs available.  Third, Paul made moves by winning his 5th world championship title.  This had to be celebrated by a Limited Edition Luna 5x Disc and only 5,000 were made.  Fourth, he, unfortunately, suffered an injury so he's done for 2019 competing.  Knowing this, his PDGA rating will most likely not get any higher than it's currently at.  The Discraft ESP Anax 1060 (Tour Series 2019) disc was made commemorating his glorious year of 2019.  We hope the best for both Discraft and Paul in 2020 is as successful as the current year has been for both.