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Innova KC Pro Aviar

Innova Pro Aviar, KC is a Putt & Approach Disc Golf Disc which is named after a famous Disc Golf player, Ken Climo.  This Aviar driver is made from the Aviar Driver mold in a firm blend of Pro plastic for a stiffer type disc.  Many top PDGA players prefer this disc.

Hannah Leatherman - "I like the smooth feel of the KC plastic.  This is a good summer putter when it's hot and your hand sticks to other discs."

Speed 2  |  Glide 3  |  Turn 0 |  Fade 2   |   Release Date: 01/01/87

Innova's Review of the KC Pro Aviar

The KC (Ken Climo) Pro Aviar is made from the Aviar driver mold in a firm blend of Pro-line plastic for players who prefer a stiffer disc. The preferred model of top pro players.


  • Diameter: 21.2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.5 cm
  • Height: 2.0 cm
  • Rim Width: 0.9 cm

KC Pro Plastic

  • Provides an improved grip over our Champion line plastic
  • More durable and retains flight characteristics longer than our DX line
  • More economic than our Champion or Star line Plastic
  • Increased glide
  • Main difference from Pro & KC, stiffer plastic
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