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Disc Golf Shopping is reviewing the Innova Valkyrie to help provide valuable information to Disc Golf players. Innova alone has over 30+ Distance Drivers to choose from.  How can I be sure to i'm choosing for the right one if i'm a first time buyer or have 10+ discs and am trying to improve my game?  Hopefully you will find value in this review to better understand the pro's and con's of the Valkyrie disc.  We can start off with a quote from a Professional player quote:

Juliana Korver - "This is my favorite driver. It is an incredibly versatile disc for me. It works very well with my throwing style. I tend to throw low and the Valkyrie gets great distance with low thrown shots. I typically carry three Valkyries with me during a round. One is beat and used for long turnover shots. The others can be used for hyzers and subtle helix shots."

Diameter: 21.1 cm           

Rim Width: 1.9 cm

Rim Depth: 1.2 cm           

Height: 1.4 cm

Date Released: 08/28/2000

 For a Strong arm thrower, the Valkyrie is a versatile disc that's excellent for Long turnover drives and rollers.  It's ability to withstand the brute strength of Disc Golf throwers is superb and the reason why Innova has molded this ever growing model in multiple plastics.  I would not recommend this disc for those strong arm throwers who are looking for maximum distance.  I would stick with a true distance driver such as the Wraith or Boss.  

Beginners, or less powerful arms, this disc should be your go-to distance driver for maximum distance!  It's ability to throw with confidence and have extreme control makes the Valkyrie excellent.  With a speed of only 9, it's perfect for the shot right off the tee & tailwind drivers.  Especially when it's slightly windy, I recommend going with a StarLite Valkyrie to increase the glide.  

It may not be as popular as an Innova Destroyer but this disc is suited for the Professional and Amateur level player.  Choosing to pull the right disc out of your bag is half the battle while competing in Doubles, in a tournament or just a friendly game with your friends.  Many consider the Valkyrie as a "Control Driver" due to the ability to get excellent distance, but have the control of a fairway/mid-range disc.  


Plastics available:

Flight Ratings provided by Innova for the Valkyrie.

Speed: 9 | Glide: 4 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 2

Innova Valkyrie Disc Flight Path

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